Staging a World-Class Tournament

The following is a high-level overview of requirements for a top-tier professional golf event to return to South Florida. This guide is focused on the PGA Tour; however, the Gables Golf Alliance is pursuing every avenue, including PGA Tour Champions and LPGA Tour events.

In every case, these are large-scale events, and as such, coordinating partnerships are key. A core trio of Sponsor, Site and Host Organization works together to create a successful championship.



PGA Tour events are premium global sponsorship properties, and top-tier events benefit from scarcity. Title sponsors enjoy brand exposure in more than 200 countries, considerable earned media value and an association with the PGA Tour and its members. Accordingly, title sponsorships are substantial investments: typically several years in length with an annual spend well above $10 million inclusive of licensing, media and activation. Activation spend varies widely by brand, and may include sponsorship consulting and advertising agencies, PGA Tour player endorsements, year-round corporate events and charity alignment.

However, companies that make PGA Tour sponsorship a priority in their annual marketing plan and charitable giving efforts tend to see a high return on investment. The reach of the game across the socio-economic spectrum and across industries makes it an efficient business development tool for a wide range of organizations.

However, Golf is not a one-size-fits-all program: there are many avenues to a successful partnership, and it takes expertise to match a brand with the sponsorship property best-suited to deliver business results. For this kind of assistance, click the button below.


Championship Site

The PGA Tour plays some of the finest golf courses in the world. Championship-caliber sites for the modern professional game are few and far between—particularly in South Florida—but a venue beyond Doral's Blue Monster is certainly possible. First and foremost, the golf course itself must be championship-ready, or it must have the ability to be made ready for the world’s best golfers. The golf course must possess the critical requirements of length and difficulty (Par 70/7,000 yds, Par 71/7,200 yds, Par 72/7,400+ yds), exceptional conditioning, on-course hospitality space, back-of-house space for concessions and service, and pedestrian space throughout the grounds.

The site must also accommodate a range of infrastructure needs such as spectator parking and/or shuttle service, nearby hotels and restaurants, and a volunteer base. Resort locations tend to offer the most alignment for the on-site needs of a PGA Tour event: media and conference space, clubhouse and players locker rooms, on-premise lodging and dining, and essential services for the care and security of a celebrity group. Finally, the site and its surroundings should be a worthy showcase of South Florida.

Simply stated: great sites lead to successful tournaments.


Host Organization

Charity is the cornerstone of the PGA Tour, and its record of giving rivals all other major professional sports combined. Each tournament is run by a Host Organization, typically a local non-profit with operational oversight of the event. Host Organizations are year-round businesses that, among many other things, plan and build the fan experience; develop corporate and charitable partnerships; sell supporting sponsorships, tickets and hospitality packages; and assemble the roughly 1,000 volunteers required to staff the event, from marshalls and standard bearers to concessions operators and parking attendants. Most importantly, all proceeds of the tournament are distributed to a stable of local charities or placed in tournament reserves.


Value Proposition

Affiliation with a top-tier PGA Tour event offers a range of value to the Sponsor, Site, Host Organization and the South Florida region. The following is a list of typical benefits for each partner.



  • PGA Tour Affiliation
  • Use of PGA Tour Players’ Likenesses in Event Advertising
  • Major Network Affiliation
  • Brand Visibility in 200+ Countries
  • Earned Media
  • Charitable Involvement
  • Premier On-Course Entertaining Space
  • Premier Pro-Am Groupings
  • Goodwill as “Ambassador of the Game”


  • Tournament Revenue
  • Year-Round Planning & Development
  • Earned Media
  • All Profits to Local Charities
  • Goodwill as “Benefactor of the Event”


  • Prestige of PGA Tour Golf Course
  • Golf Course, Grounds & Facilities Improvements
  • Annual Site Fee
  • Hotel at 100% Occupancy
  • Conference & Ancillary Space Use
  • Centerpiece of the Event
  • Earned Media
  • Brand Visibility in 200+ Countries
  • Goodwill as “Showcase of South Florida”

South Florida

  • PGA Tour Affiliation
  • Visibility in 200+ Countries
  • Earned Media
  • Local Charity Beneficiaries
  • Substantial Local Economic Impact

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